Sunday, March 20, 2011

Learning Something New...

This weekend, Paul and I went up to Madison for our nephew's baptism. Not only did I have a great time visiting with Paul's family, but I learned a new knitting skill as well! This afternoon at the party, Sydney, the daughter of a family friend, was finger knitting. The scarf she made is pictured above, and she generously gave it to me! The yarn used was Lamb's Pride and they bought it at Loop Yarn Shop in Milwaukee. Knitty has a great tutorial for this technique here. Basically, you can make an I-Cord without any needles!

Here are a few more pictures of the weekend.  Mouse, from Spud and ChloĆ« at the Farm, made the trip with us.

Paul and Nephew #1 got some important work done and built a big boy bed.

 Nephew #2 looks absolutely adorable with his new blanket.

I'd show you the bird, but Nephew #1 promptly placed it in my full coffee cup, and it had to go through an emergency wash and block session!

Olive update tomorrow and I'll show you another project I've been working on!

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