Monday, March 21, 2011

Summer Cowl; Entrelac, Take Two

Remember Dorrie's Cowl? I loved learning how to do entrelac, and as soon as I finished that first cowl, I started planning my next entrelac project. I became inspired when I was at Serendipity Yarn Shoppe in Muscatine and saw the shelf of Stonehedge Mill Ends.  I bought one skein for my mom for her birthday.

And I bought another for myself.

A lot of the mill ends had crazy color combinations, but I really like the nautical theme of this skein. And it is so soft!! I immediately thought of a making a summery cowl for boat rides and camping trips and summer evenings outside. I looked up a few entrelac patterns, but I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for. So I just casted on and went  from there. I measured my other cowl and then cast on to knit a smaller, lighter cowl. The kicker was that I decided to knit this one in the round, so that the color changes make vertical stripes, instead of blocks of color. Also, this way I won't have to seam the cowl at the end.

This is what I've got so far:

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  1. I like that .... knitting entrelac in the round. It looks like its working well.

    I'm working some of Maggie's hand spun yarn ... I need to study the mobius cast-on. Somehow ... you get twice as many stitches cast on to make the twist.

    I think I cast on while watching U-tube on this one!