Friday, May 13, 2011

The Elegant Ewe

I grew up in Northeastern Wisconsin, along the Michigan/ Wisconsin border. It is a beautiful place, with many hidden gems. One of them is Menominee, Michigan's LYS, The Elegant Ewe. Paul and I went up north for Mothers' Day,  and I couldn't wait to stop in. This shop is currently located in a beautiful old home, on First Street in Menominee, MI, along the shores of Green Bay. The entire first floor is a yarn shop, with a staggering amount of fiber. There is also a very large selection of needlepoint and cross-stitch supplies. Rumor has it that if you want to see the second floor of the house, just ask to see the cross-stitch fabric. It fills an entire closet. Em can back me up on this one!

One of the best  parts about this place is that you never know what you'll find. There is an extensive sale section that offers at least 25% off the yarns there. Also, any discontinued fiber is 50% off. Martha, the proprietor, doesn't take anything off the shelves, she just moves it to the discount section. This means I was able to score some pretty great deals.

First, five skeins of the discontinued Annabel Fox Chunky Donegal. I have visions of making this a warm zip-up cardigan for fall. I had a fleece jacket when I was little in similar colors. I'll try to find a picture of the jacket, so I can replicate it. This yarn was just $4.50 a skein!
Then I couldn't help but pick up all the partial skeins of Bartlettyarns 2-ply wool. I absolutely love this yarn. If I could only knit with one yarn for the rest of my days, I think I'd pick a 2-ply woolen spun 100% wool yarn. This yarn is proudly made in a mill in Harmony, Maine that has been running since 1821. The yarn is also extremely affordable, at $7.75 for a 210 yard skein. I paid much less than this for the remnants I bought. I restrained myself from buying full skeins, but it was difficult. I really love this yarn!

Then came the real suprise. Ever since I went on Flood Duty earlier this spring, I have been mulling over the prospect of making a set of "outside work" accessories. Very simple hat, mittens and a cowl, made with heavy-duty, respectable wool. Something our great-great-great grandmothers would knit. (At least mine would; they lived in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Canada!) So I've been on the lookout, and I found it! Ragg Wool from the former North Bay Yarns  in Sister Bay, Wisconsin. It's exactly what I had in mine. The yarn is that color between grey and brown that won't show dirt very well and I think the yarn will bloom nicely once blocked and be incredibly warm. I picked up the last 4 skeins for $3.50 each, which is over 800 yards.

 And don't you just love the yarn band?

I left some pretty great stuff on the shelves as well, so if you find  yourself in Northeastern Wisconsin, or along Green Bay in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, please stop by!!