Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Convent (Part VI)

Each January, a small group of friends and family gather at an old convent for a weekend of quilting, knitting, eating, and relaxing.

I'm especially looking forward to this year's gathering, as little Rosemary will be joining us! She was a real trooper at the Knit & Knot retreat this fall, and I'm hoping she is as content at the Convent as she was at Camp Wyoming! I'm sure there will be no shortage of welcoming arms for her to rest in.

Rosie in the Christmas bunting and hat set she scored
at the Knit & Knot retreat this past November!

In a break with tradition, I've decided to quilt this year. Normally, I'd just pack 10 or 12 of my current knitting works-in-progress, and call it a day, but this year I'm really making an effort to organize and reduce the amount of things we store in our home. Don't tell Paul, but there is currently 3 or 4 bins of old T-shirts in our basement that I cannot bring myself to get rid of. So I've given myself a goal: All nostalgic T-shirts must be transformed into functional household items by the end of 2015 or out they go!

If there is one thing I'm better at than procrastination, it's giving sentimental value to items from my past. I'm hoping that by pitting these two character strengths (ha!) against each other I'll be able to complete two picnic quilts this year.

Now I just need to find a couple of quilt patterns!