Saturday, August 13, 2011


Where Laura proves that knitted food-stuffs are actually adorable and irresistable.

First, let me just say that I do agree with Emily that baked goods made to look like knitting are totally awesome and impressive. Other than that though, I have to say, as a knitter, I was a bit put off by the rest of the post. Just kidding, but seriously, knitted food is way cute.

 Exibits A- D:

(C) Budaknit
Knitted Food Pattern 4. by Lissa Napora
Ravelry Pattern Link

(C) Amanda Berry
Fruit and Vegetables by Amanda Berry
Ravelry Pattern Link

(C) Pezdiva
Knit Strawberries by Pez Diva
Ravelry Pattern Link

(C) NeedleNoodles
Knit Sushi Pattern by Needle Noodles
Ravelry Pattern Link
Case closed.

P.S. Emily, does your aversion to wool extend to alpaca? If so, I want the sweater I knit you for your birthday back!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

When Flours and Fibers Meet

A sensory adventure in which Emily discovers that food made to look like it has been knitted is adorable and knitted things made to look like food are horrifying.

So the subtitle of this blog describes us as "a blog about baking and knitting...only occasionally simultaneously."  Yet, to date we haven't actually broached the "simultaneous" subject.  You may be surprised to find out that there are quite a few instances in which the line between flour and fiber is blurred.  Cookies that look like knitting patterns, yarn-based hamburgers, etc.  And, *nerd alert,*  I love doing research.  So I did the dirty work for you and compiled a collection of links related to the subject.

First up, the cupcakes that inspired this post.  I stumbled upon them over a year ago and fell in love.  Apparently I'm not the only one; Martha Stewart also thinks they're a good thing.  The cupcakes feature marzipan yarn balls, sweaters, scarves and more.  So cute!  Check out the post from VeganYumYum's blog here.

In keeping with the cupcake theme, we'll move on to knit cupcakes.  These are basically their own genre within knitting, nestled somewhere between hats and sweaters.  There are way too many examples to link to every one, but I think this one is incredible.  It's made to look like it has dripping frosting and sprinkles!  This post from mydeco also features some beautiful knitted cupcakes.  You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the post, but that's ok, because there are pictures of lots of other knit things to keep you occupied on the way down.

I have to admit, cupcakes are pretty much where my enjoyment of knit food ends.  The rest I find pretty gross.  I've always been pretty sensory defensive, and I still can't stand the feel of wool (no one tell Laura!).  For some reason the cupcakes don't bother me, but any other type of foodstuff rendered in yarn just makes me imagine a mouthful of itchy yarn-ness.  And when it comes to food, I'm definitely a texture person.  Now, I don't want to offend you, hypothetical food knitter, by being mildly repulsed at the sight of your handiwork. I think what you're doing is cool, in a somewhat repugnant sort of way.  Just not my thing.  If knit food is your bag of wool, you might want to check out these pictures or maybe these books:

To end the post on a happy note, here's a cool tutorial about how to create the knitted pattern with icing and a picture of some tiny knitting-themed cut-out cookies.  Hopefully I'll get to try some of these ideas out soon!

Stay tuned for a post about Laura's wedding shower, which was last weekend.  I'd hoped to write about it sooner, but...ahem...a certain co-contributor to this blog hasn't gotten the pictures to me yet.  Everybody send her an angry email!