Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blooms, Tunes, and Brews

Live Music + Beer + Knitting = :)

On Thursday, I took the night off from Knit & Knot and Paul and I headed out to a certain flower farm in Donahue, Iowa. Miss Effie hosted a fabulous evening of local beer and great live music at the farm. The Bent River Pale Ale went down easy (note the empty Mason jar in the photo above!), and Jenn Swift and Andrew Vickers played fantastic music. I also realized the new camping chairs we bought this summer are perfect for knitting in public. My skein fit nicely in one of the cup holders. (The Mason jar fit perfectly in the other. Coincidence? I think not.)

My friend and fellow convent crafter, Susan, was there with her husband, Pat. She was knitting a garter stitch scarf comprised of triangles of leftover sock yarn. Very cool! Maybe it was this pattern? I didn't get a picture of Susan and Pat (or the scarf), but I did manage to snap one of Paul.

Lovin' it.

Contrary to what this photo may show, I believe he had a good time...

We couldn't leave Miss Effie's empty-handed, of course. Check out the goodies we got to bring home with us :)

Beautiful flowers from a beautiful farm!

Pretty eggs from pretty chickens!


  1. Hey Laura! What a great post about Blooms Tunes and Brews! Thanks too for linking to my blog! That pattern you linked looks similar to my scarf but my scarf is actually this one which is free.

  2. Thanks so much to both of you for coming!!!! I think beer and knitting and a few flowers are perfect!

    And Laura ... those chairs are perfect!!!