Saturday, August 13, 2011


Where Laura proves that knitted food-stuffs are actually adorable and irresistable.

First, let me just say that I do agree with Emily that baked goods made to look like knitting are totally awesome and impressive. Other than that though, I have to say, as a knitter, I was a bit put off by the rest of the post. Just kidding, but seriously, knitted food is way cute.

 Exibits A- D:

(C) Budaknit
Knitted Food Pattern 4. by Lissa Napora
Ravelry Pattern Link

(C) Amanda Berry
Fruit and Vegetables by Amanda Berry
Ravelry Pattern Link

(C) Pezdiva
Knit Strawberries by Pez Diva
Ravelry Pattern Link

(C) NeedleNoodles
Knit Sushi Pattern by Needle Noodles
Ravelry Pattern Link
Case closed.

P.S. Emily, does your aversion to wool extend to alpaca? If so, I want the sweater I knit you for your birthday back!!

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