Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So I Started Something New...

Truthfully, this could probably be the title for almost every other post. I am a chronic project starter. Lately, I've been finishing things more, but I'm always thinking about the next thing to cast on. I also am big on knitting things on ambitious deadlines. So that being said, I'm knitting a baby blanket for a baptismal gift. The baptism is Sunday, March 20. I'm not sure why I do this to myself, but this time, I really think I can handle it. I'm using yarn in my stash, Patons Shetland Tweeds Chunky and some (gasp) acrylic I bought for something I can't even remember. I'm making up the pattern, but using a similar idea to the Jared Flood Tweed Baby Blanket. Here's a version of that pattern I made last year. This one needs to be hand-washed. The new blanket will be machine washable.

The center square on both blankets is in garter stitch done on the diagonal. You start with one stitch, increasing one stitch every row until it's as wide as you want it, and then decreasing one stitch every row until one stitch remains. Here's the start of my blanket:

The main color is dark brown tweed with flecks of green, gold, and orange. I'm going to learn some new crochet techniques for this blanket as well. The main square is knitted, but I'm going to crochet an edging, and also a lion applique to sew on to the blanket.  I think it'll be really cute.  The book pictured is A to Z of Crochet, and I think it's a great reference for the occasional crocheter. I'm definitely more of a knitter, but I like the sturdiness of crocheted borders, and I love how quickly they can be worked up. Much faster than knitted edgings!

 Do you mix crochet and knitting in your projects?

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