Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Oman-St. Louis Number

When I was in college studying engineering, I always joked that I wanted to have a number, theorum, or equation named after me. Well, today I've discovered that number.

This number is defined as the ratio of started projects to finished projects over a 30 day time period. Posting on the blog every day this month has definitely raised my Oman-St. Louis number. As I talked about earlier, I am a chronic project starter. This month, however, saw the completion of four projects:

It also saw the start of seven new ones.

Therefore (), my Oman-St. Louis number is:

Not bad! It's usually probably more like 5 or 6! So I don't think Pythagoras or Bernoulli have much to worry about, but this may just be the beginning of my knitting related calculations!

In the next post I'll talk more about the central project in the WIP collage. It's a good one!

 Oh! And I did it!  A post every day in March. Whew!

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