Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's Ok, the Graham Crackers are Low-Fat...

At least that's what I should have written on the sign for these S'more Bars, originally from Baking Bites. See, I sell baked goods at our local Farmers Market, and these bar cookies were one of my wares this week. I thought they'd be really popular, considering that it was the Fourth of July and s'mores are an integral part of the all-American summer. I was wrong. I only sold one, and I think it's because the patrons of the Farmers Market are, in a word, healthy. Which spells bad news for bakers like me who enjoy combining copious amounts of fat and sugar to make delicious, albeit artery-clogging, desserts. Anyway, if you're not on a diet, I encourage you to try these bars. And if you are watching your weight, do what I did and substitute low-fat graham crackers for the regular ones, even though I'm pretty sure it makes almost no difference in the nutritional value of the end product. Oh, and marshmallow fluff also happens to be fat-free...who are we kidding, these are practically health food!

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